early-stage healthcare companies

Opportunity for Unfettered Access to Our Provider Coalition

From an intense global recruiting effort, Health InnovatAR selects five companies annually with emerging technologies in digital health, medical devices and diagnostic platforms. We invest $50,000 in these companies and provide unfettered access to our hospital partners to conduct pilot projects, clinical trials, ROI studies, and any other work our cohort companies would like to conduct in the hospitals. The five companies chosen by our hospital partners for participation are those which solve real problems experienced by providers or which have the potential to significantly increase quality of care. Health InnovatAR assists in the development of a custom work plan to guide the work of each cohort company in our partner hospitals during the course of the five-month program. We know of no other accelerator program in the world that offers such an immersive provider experience.

In addition to full provider access, Health InnovatAR connects our cohort companies to our robust network of healthcare venture capitalists and subject matter experts. Our goal is to choose a small number of the most promising early stage healthcare companies in the world, and utilize every resource at our disposal to deliver the most value we can for our cohort companies. It’s an intense, custom approach to accelerating the development of healthcare companies with disruptive technologies.

The initial $50K investment will be made into your company via a SAFE agreement or convertible note, at the terms of your current or last capital round. Our intent is simply to “tag along” with your current round, as opposed to leveraging the program to achieve preferred investment terms. Additionally, you will execute a $25K SAFE agreement or convertible note to Health InnovatAR for the value provided of participating in the Health InnovatAR program.

Founder-friendly: Virtual Sessions

While Health InnovatAR is a full-time accelerator in Little Rock, Arkansas, you will not be required to relocate to Little Rock full-time to participate in the program. Certain programming and on-site hospital work will be necessary, but many sessions will be conducted virtually via video conference to accommodate founders living in other locations. Please note that accepted participants will be required to be in Little Rock, Arkansas June 4-6 to kick off the program.